5 Telltale Signs to Replace Cell Phone Accessories

Hey, do you prefer iPhone or Samsung? Whatever it is, a smartphone has become an integral part of one’s life these days. From playing games to Facebook browsing to communication, setting alarms, taking pictures and videos to order your day-to-day items- You need it everywhere! 

Replace Cell Phone Covina

So, no wonder you wish it to perform smoothly without interrupting your task. But since cell phones are machines, they are prone to damage and crashes over time. 

And knowing the root causes or identifying the signs can help you figure out if it’s the right time to replace cell phone parts in Covina. Have a look:

#1: Replace broken LCD screen-

A broken screen is one of the common problems for almost every cell phone user. Generally, it happens because of:

  • Dropping the phone from a height accidentally
  • Bump into any wall
  • Sitting on the cell phone when it’s in the back pocket
  • Carrying the phone with the metal keys in your pocket and more

So, if your smartphone ages more than three or four years, replacement is a better alternative than repair. Make sure you check the brand warranty. 

#2: Buttons not working-

Well, not performing cell phone buttons is a kind of software problem or app glitch. For software issues, the soft keys of your smartphone can stop functioning. 

As a temporary solution, you may try rebooting the device or using any third-party app. But when any of these alternatives don’t work, it’s better to take your phone to the experts and replace the buttons, especially when these issues have started after water damage or fall. 

#3: A non-performing speaker-

Tell us first, do you often shout over the phone, like “Hey, Can You Hear Me?” And if the person from the other side says ‘NO’, you should blame the cell phone mic for this, especially when the connection is fine. 

Over time, a microphone can wear out, like the sound cuts or your voice sounds low. Instead of getting a new iPhone, you better change the mic from a mobile phone repair shop. Replacing cell phone parts in Covina is quite affordable than buying a new phone. 

#4: Water damage-

Water damage is always nasty for your smartphone, whether you have spilled coffee or tea over your phone or it has taken a dip in the swimming pool. In fact, you will start seeing irreparable issues. Instead of trying DIY tricks, for example:

  • Using a soft cloth to dry your cell phone parts
  • Turn off the phone immediately after taking it out of the water
  • Split up all the parts like the battery, protective case, SD cards and all 

You better take it to professionals to replace the damaged part of your cell phone. 

#5: Charging port issues-

Is your phone experiencing no or slow charging? Blame the charging port for this! The small metal connector may fail to connect the charging cable because of dust, corrosion, or hardware damage. 

First, try to clean the USB port with soft cotton and a needle. If you find no difference, replace the port instead. 

Bottom Line

If you discover any of these signs with your smartphone, come to us. At iTech Xpress, we offer complete mobile phone repair, including replacing cell phone parts in Covina, including LCD screens, buttons, and other accessories. 

Also, we have a well-stocked department. Our experts will assess the problem first once you bring your device to us and provide you with an estimate on repairs or replacements. In most cases, we offer same-day service!To know more details about our services, just give us a call now.