3 Symptoms to Determine whether your iPhone is Water Damaged or Not!

An iPhone is indeed one of the most sophisticated phones ever. Isn’t it painful to drop such a luxury gadget in a water body? Not only water, but any type of liquid can also damage the water-sensitive electronic circuitry of iPhones. Older models were more susceptible to water-damages whereas newer iPhones are much safer. Here is one glitch that every iPhone user needs to understand. Well! As we stated earlier that the new models are […]

5 Things You Need to Check Once You Discover Virus in Your Computer

It is an undeniable fact that a computer virus is actually a hidden code. Criminal computer hackers write such codes to destroy system’s functionalities. Just like human body viruses, these viruses can be transferred too from one computer to another. Malware, Trojans, and Spyware are commonly found computer viruses and malwares that are detrimental for any system. Things can become pretty harmful especially when there is any sensitive data like contact details or confidential data […]

The chronological Journey of iPad Mini

Apple is one of the premium brands that everyone wants to try at least once. The devices that come from the house of Apple Inc are known for their excellent packaging, state of the art technology, and most importantly for the neat service they provide; iPad Mini is not an exception too. This Miniseries which is launched by Apple is actually a line of small tablets that are more affordable. In 2012, the original iPad […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Never Overlook the Replacement of Your Damaged Cell Phone Glass

These days, almost everyone possesses expensive or semi-expensive smartphones. We must admit that smartphones have high fragile screens that are quite prone to breakage or damage. So, feel fortunate if you haven’t broken your cell phone glass yet. Scenarios where you suddenly drop your cell phone and a crack or two develop on the screen are pretty common. While at one side, it is a common phenomenon to develop cracked screen on a smartphone, on […]

How to Find the Best Computer Repair Shop Near you?

Along with smartphones, computers have secured a place in our lifestyle too. Just like smartphones, a computer system is an extremely essential component. So, when such a system needs repairing, people start taking that seriously. Hiring the best computer repair center or service might sound very straightforward and easy task; but, believe us, it is not. It is indeed a challenging and difficult task. While, choosing the best computer repair shop near you, it is […]