3 Symptoms to Determine whether your iPhone is Water Damaged or Not!

An iPhone is indeed one of the most sophisticated phones ever. Isn’t it painful to drop such a luxury gadget in a water body? Not only water, but any type of liquid can also damage the water-sensitive electronic circuitry of iPhones. Older models were more susceptible to water-damages whereas newer iPhones are much safer. Here is one glitch that every iPhone user needs to understand. Well! As we stated earlier that the new models are […]

Tips On What You Need to Do When Your iPhone is Water Damaged

Are you ready to cry because you’ve water damaged your iPhone? No worries! There are still solutions to fix your water damaged iPhone. First off, do not attempt to turn on a water damaged iPhone. Though you may say that it is hard to resist, yet your iPhone logic board will instantly short out. This will further conflate the cost of repairs or entirely destroy it once you try to turn on an iPhone while […]