Common Computer Problems That Require Expert Troubleshooting

Common computer problems are the result of malfunctioning in hardware or software. You can fix many of these problems on your own or also visit your nearest computer repair shop. This post will share some handy tips that you can apply to fix common computer problems.  Meanwhile, it is also essential to know that your DIY techniques might not be enough to address all your computer issues. In that case, visiting an expert computer repairing technician is highly advised.  

1. The Computer Is Not Starting

It is one of the most common problems that most PC users face from time to time. You can compare your PC with a human body to understand this problem in a better way. We can get a fever when sick because it is our body’s natural mechanism to fight infection. The same rule is also applicable to computers. Several reasons can prevent your computer from booting, ranging from virus attack to power supply failure. Your computer will not start until you fix the issue.

Complete loss of power or a faulty charger can prevent your computer from starting. Consider using a different charger to power your laptop. Desktop users can plug their computer in a different socket to see if the computer starts. If it still doesn’t work, then it could be a failure in the power supply. You must visit an expert computer repair shop in Covina if the tips mentioned here didn’t work on your computer.  They have the knowledge and expertise to fix this kind of problem. 


It is another common computer problem which is also known as the blue screen of death. It indicates that your system is going through a critical error. Clearing your hard disk space and scanning for viruses can fix this issue. 

3. Slow PC

Nothing can be more irritating than a slow computer. A PC that you are using for more than two years is bound to be slow regardless of its specifications. You need to update the software and hardware of your computer to solve this issue. We always recommend PC users switch to SSD from HDD. It can make your PC faster up to 10 times. 

It will help if you also scan your computer for adware and malware. They are malicious programs that can significantly slow down your PC. Your operating system’s built-in antivirus is enough to detect and remove most of the adware and malware from your system. Tips that we have mentioned here can be hard to implement if you are not a computer-savvy person.  Visiting a computer repair shop Covina or other cities will help in such cases. 

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