Common Laptop Screen Issues and Their Fix

A recent market study has revealed the fact that laptops have entirely taken over the home computer market. Most of the laptops are as powerful as desktops while offering a great advantage of portability. Meanwhile, it is also essential to know that laptops have their own problem. Since notebooks are mostly on the move hence laptop screens are prone to damage. 

You need to visit a full-service laptop repair shop to fix the problem with your laptop screen. Quick response to laptop screen issues is required because you can’t use the laptop without a fully functioning screen. 

As a leading repair shop in Covina, we fix different types of laptop screen issues. But in this post, we will only share the common ones among them. 

1. Horizontal or Vertical Lines

Vertical or horizontal lines across the screen is not a new thing in laptop. This problem is not just annoying, but it can also make content unreadable. A loose video cable or faulty graphics card can cause you this issue. Consider changing the video cable or the graphics card to fix this problem.

2. Flickering Screen 

Color distortion or flickering screen is another common problem of laptop screens. FL inverter board can cause you this problem. A loose connection or faulty fluorescent tube can also result in a flickering screen or color distortion.

3. Cracked Screen

This is a very common laptop screen problem that can be fixed quickly but not at home. The solution of a cracked or smashed panel is the same – screen replacement. Replacing the LCD panel of your laptop screen is not as expensive as you think. iTech Xpress offers affordable LCD screen replacement services across Covina. You can rely on our laptop screen repair service to fix your laptop screen problems.   

4. Distorted Display

A defective component of your display unit can cause a distorted display. A loose connection can also result in same. This problem is often referred to as distorted images, and it can be easily fixed. A problem in the display settings of the operating system can also cause you this problem. In that case, we can resolve the issue even faster. 

5. Blank Screen

Nothing can be as frustrating as a blank laptop screen. Figuring out the root cause of this problem can be challenging. If the computer is powering on, but the screen is still blank, you have to understand that the problem is in the LID microswitch. 

Best Fix

While describing the problems, we have also discussed their root causes. If you have expertise in repairing laptop screens, you can quickly fix any screen-related issues mentioned above. However, you should not rely on your DIY skills if you have never fixed laptop screens before. In that case, we will recommend you visit an experienced repair shop to fix the problem. iTech Xpress is a full-service store offering various services, including laptop screen repair service.  Our experts have years of experience in fixing all types of laptop screen issues. Along with fixing laptop screens we also offer other services like computer repairing, smartphone repairing, etc.


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