Common Problems of Samsung Phones And Their Fix

If you are using a Samsung smartphone for a few months, then chances are you have started to face some issues with your mobile. Many Samsung users have reported some common problems that they experience in their devices. This post aims to uncover those issues and reveal their fixes. 

1. Battery Drainage

Abnormal battery drainage is nothing new in Samsung phones. Experiencing this problem doesn’t always mean that your phone’s battery health is poor. You can follow the below DIY tips to fix this problem:

  • Turn off every connectivity option (Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, etc.) that you are not using. 
  • Dim the screen brightness as much as possible. 
  • Use your mode in the Power Saving Mode.
  • Turn off the features Always On Display.
  • Remove the apps from the background that you are not using. 
  • Remove live wallpapers if you are using any.

We hope that the above tips will help you to fix your Samsung phone’s battery drainage problem. In case they don’t work, it is better to visit a phone repair shop for the fix. You can perform a Google search to find a Samsung shop near me in Glendora. iTech Xpress is a full-service phone repair shop that you can trust for fixing the battery drainage issue of your Samsung phone. We serve customers across California from cities like Glendora, Covina, etc.  

2. Overheating 

It is another common issue of a budget Samsung phone that is directly linked to your phone’s battery health. For example, you may not experience any heating issues in your new phone, but it will become a troublemaker as the battery gets old and weaker. The surrounding temperature can also have a significant impact on your phone’s heating level. You may have noticed that your phone heats up unusually during summer. 

Changing your battery can be a quick solution to this problem. Besides, you should also protect your phone from the direct impact of sunlight and avoid using it while charging. We also recommend you turn off mobile data when you are not using it.

3. Unresponsive Screen

Your phone may be stuck while using it, and the screen may become unresponsive even if you touch the panel. Too many cache files may cause this problem. Locking and unlocking your phone can be a possible solution to this issue. If it doesn’t work, then either restart your phone or turn it off and then switch it on again after a few minutes. If you continue experiencing this problem in the horizon of time, then factory resetting your device will be an appropriate decision.

These are the few common problems of Samsung phones and their solutions. We hope that the above tips will help you to solve the common issues of Samsung mobiles. But if they don’t work, visit a Samsung shop near me in Glendora that offers phone repairing services. iTech Xpress has the expertise to fix all types of problems with Samsung smartphones. So far, we have repaired several Samsung Galaxy phones and restored their condition. You can also rely on us for Apple computers, Windows PC, and smart device repairing.


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