Computer Backup: Data Loss Prevention

You’d be surprised how many ways there are for a data loss event to occur. Virus and malware are very common problems that plague computer users and cause serious problems including data loss.

Have you ever experienced a hard drive failure? Those happen too, though sometimes the data can be recovered. Los Angeles County experiences power outages that can cause data loss and even damage to your computer.

These are just a few of the problems that can plague Charter Oak and Glendora computers. iTech Xpress Inc. can help you prevent data loss or at least mitigate the extent of data loss with a data backup system.

Data Loss Prevention and Backup

Besides the somewhat random occurrences that we listed above, the biggest threat to data loss is human habit. We meant to backup data, we thought we backed up the data, we forgot to backup the data are all excuses that follow data loss.

There is a saying about a road and good intentions and that kind of applies here. The best method we have seen bypasses good intentions and follows up with direct action. An automated data backup system backs up your data automatically, so you never have experience “I thought I backed up the data” again.

Many people choose to do nothing until they have experienced an episode where all of their tax documents have been destroyed, or all the family pictures have been wipes away. Those are the risks that you take when you do not have a system in place that protects your important documents. It is a hard lesson to learn and often the results are devastating.

iTech Xpress Inc offers a variety of ways that make data storage safe and secure. Automated systems are the best because they overcome human error. There are secondary devices that help to protect data such as flash drives or even external hard drives. There are even cloud-based applications that can help to keep your data safe.

Be Proactive not Reactive

If you have concerns about data safety then speak with one of our professionals. We have options available that will help to keep your data safe. The next obstacle to data protection is making sure that all of your systems are installed correctly.

We do that too. It does not make much sense to backup data to your own hard drive. What if it were to fail? That means a secondary system needs to be in place, and it needs to be installed correctly to prevent data loss from power surges, from virus or malware attack, and against equipment failure. How the system is installed is critical.

Data Loss and Recovery?

In the event that your computer should suffer a loss of data, all is not lost. There are ways to recover the data, but there is a risk involved. First, not all data is recoverable. Sometimes the physical damage has destroyed data or parts of the data.

In the case of virus or malware, the data may have been erased permanently. iTech Express Inc is always available to help recover your data. We provide outstanding computer services to Glendora and the surrounding areas. Just call us, we are here to help.