Cracked LCD Screen can be Hazardous! Know These Things Beforehand

Gone are the days when people used to buy CRT based computer monitors. Well! With time, the picture has certainly changed. CRT screens have become obsolete now and these have been perfectly replaced by LCD screens. With an LCD screen, it is not only fun to work in but also the interface looks more colorful and stunning. LCD screens are expensive for sure; and, thus it becomes hard to accept when such screens get damaged. Whenever a computer screen gets damaged, users often overlook the idea of repairing the screen immediately. But, mostly they do not realize that it can be hazardous.

Exactly! A broken LCD screen can be pretty harmful for the user and for the surrounding environment. And, this is high time to realize that. So, here we have tried to highlight the risks involved with a cracked LCD computer screen. Without further ado, let’s talk about it.

1. Mercury Vapours

The computer LCD screen generally uses Mercury in order to produce the visible light for the viewing purpose. When a crack develops on the screen, then Mercury generally vaporizes. If the Mercury level drops, then it can become hazardous for the human body; allergic reactions, severe rashes on the screen, and birth defects are some of the often-reported disorders that can be triggered due to this low level of Mercury. And thus, we always suggest this thing to everyone that the moment you find a crack on your LCD screen, please visit a reputed repairing store. At iTech Xpress, our clients say that we offer the best LCD screen repair service in Covina.

2. Leakage of Liquid Crystal

LCD screens usually take the help of liquid crystals for the formation of a particular picture. And, it is quite an uncommon phenomenon when the crystals leak from the system. Well! When crystals leak out, they usually do not look like liquid anymore. It is not quite a well-known fact that how the human skin reacts with these crystals; this phenomenon is yet to study. So, it is always mandatory to contact a repairing service center the moment users find a crack to develop on the screen.

Whenever a crack develops on the computer LCD monitor, there are a number of health hazards that every user needs to be aware of. It is mandatory to use gloves and masks while handling these materials; one cannot simply overlook the hazardous components and the unknown side effects associated with the materials. At iTech Xpress, we try to repair every kind of broken LCD screens. Unlike many repairing centers, we simply do not ask users to buy a new monitor or something like that. We strive for excellence and that makes us one of the best repairing centers in Covina & Glendora. We are ready to serve you, are you?