Five Easy Ways to Improve Computer Performance

Working on a slow PC can be frustrating as it can take infinitely long to perform the simplest tasks. You may end up wasting your time, effort, and money in the long run if you continue using a slow computer. Here we have shared some of the easiest yet highly effective tips that you can follow to optimize your computer performance. 

1. Add More RAM

A RAM or random-access memory is a type of computer memory used to store working data and machine code. The more RAM you have on your PC, the faster the processing speed will be. Adding more RAM to a desktop is not a big deal, but if you use a convertible or detachable laptop, you have to settle for what came in the box. However, upgrading the RAM is still possible if you are using a business-grade or gaming laptop. 

2. Check for Viruses And Spyware

It is almost impossible not to pick up a virus or spyware at some point while browsing the internet. However, finding and removing malware has become much easier with the help of Windows Defender. You can also install third-party programs to remove viruses and spyware that you have found in your system. Removing viruses is known as an essential step for computer optimization in Glendora or other cities. After removing viruses, you will surely notice the improvement in your computer’s performance. 

3. Uninstall Crapware

Many computers come with preloaded software that users don’t use. They may eat up system resources and make the computer slower. You can figure out this software when you notice a pop-up prompting you to update a program that you have never used before. You can also click on the “Start” button and check the “All apps” menu to identify applications you don’t use. After that, you have to uninstall them to save disk space and other system resources.

4. Disk Cleanup

Cleaning your disk helps to free up space on your hard disk. You can safely delete unnecessary program files, internet cache files, and temporary files during this process. After cleaning up disk space, you will see a significant enhancement in your computer’s performance. 

5. Install SSD

Software like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro work much faster with an SSD. You can move Windows store apps to an HDD and install your most demanding software to the SSD. It is an easy yet effective computer optimization process that will enable you to work much faster.Along with following the above tips, you can also visit iTech Xpress for computer optimization in Glendora or other cities. We are an experienced full-service repair shop specializing in fixing electronic items, including computers, phones, tablets, etc. You can count on us to optimize your PC.


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