Fix Broken Apple iPad Screen or Replace It: Find the Best Option!

Oops! A broken apple iPad screen? You may wonder whether it’s worth fixing the screen or replacing it entirely! Well, no wonder having an Apple iPad is fascinating, and so are its amazing features. But when you end up breaking the iPad screen, accidentally, we suggest evaluating your options- repair or replacement! See here!

Consider the broken Apple iPad repair and replacement costs-

To ensure which is the right move for you, you need to evaluate the overall charges for that. Let us help you-

While bringing your device to our shop, we can give you an estimate of how much it will cost to fix your broken Apple iPad screen! And once you receive that, you can look over the charges for replacing your Apple iPad model screen and compare them. The thumb rule is going for the replacement option when the repair will cost you around one-half or two third of the replacement charges.

On the contrary, fixing the broken Apple iPad screen is always a better alternative when you prefer keeping your data intact on your device. It’s the best way to avoid losing any data. And the best part is that we offer the same day service for iPad screen repairs in most cases (even for screen replacement) since our shop keeps parts in stock. So, no wonder the process of fixing an iPad or any smart device screen speeds up when you bring it to us!

Moreover, whether you have to fix a broken Apple iPad screen or water damage, we provide guaranteed service on our repairs and parts. Plus, since our charges for screen repair and replacement are affordable, you will definitely love the pricing. 

Consider Apple iPad Screen Repair Options-

Suppose you have figured out that fixing your Apple iPad screen is a better and more affordable alternative. But since you will see too many repair options available, you may feel overwhelmed about which way to go. 

Don’t worry! Probably, our guide will help you out here:

Original Manufacturer-

If you are willing to take your Apple iPad to the manufacturer to get its screen fixed, you can rest assured about a quality repair. But you should also expect to spend huge dollars on it while waiting a long time to get the job done since you have to ship it. 

Asking your friends or family-

Now, if you are focussing on just saving your dollars, you may prefer your neighbor or brother fixing the iPad screen, who are gadget repair enthusiasts. But here, they can’t ensure a guaranteed screen repair. In fact, the chances remain that things can get worse!

Hence, don’t you think it’s a better idea to count on a professional like us? AT iTech Xpress, we offer guaranteed repair services just not for fixing broken Apple iPad screens, but for computers and other smart devices. Plus, you can have an estimate and competitive pricing for screen repair and replacement costs from us. 

However, do you want to ensure that it’s the right time to get your iPad screen fixed? Just look for these signs, then:

  • The screen prevents you from working because of the multiple cracks on it
  • Distorting color from long cracks
  • Spreading cracks
  • Cracks spread from one side to another

Have you found the same condition as your iPad screen? So, why wait? Just reach out to our shop! And if you want further details about our services, give us a call. Stay connected!