How to Fix Your Broken iPad Screen? 3 Knockout Tips!

Apple devices, especially iPads, are designed to last longer. But you are WRONG if you think they are invincible! iPad screens are prone to crack, even with the slightest bump to the walls or when you drop the device on the floor.

That’s why even if it is an iPad with a mini cracked screen, you shouldn’t overlook fixing it. Or else you will find the tiny crack growing into a bigger one soon! 

In fact, you can end up scratching your fingers while browsing apps- Ouch! So, the most obvious question may strike your mind “How to fix it?” Well, we have discussed a few tips here regarding fixing your broken iPad screen. 

how to fix a broken ipad screen

Tip #1: Assess the damage 

Before going for a costly iPhone cracked screen repair near me or DIY, you should identify the damage first, like how badly your iPad screen is broken. For example:

  • If you have hit your iPad along the wall sides, the chances of small cracks are there. It may be on edge or in the middle of the screen, getting in the way of browsing the device. 
  • While dropping the iPad from a height or throwing the device, bigger cracks can occur. Also, there can be multiple cracks on the screen. 
  • For lighter cracks, you can install a screen protector as a temporary solution. 

All these will help you choose your options to fix the device. 

However, when the cracks get in the way of the iPad screen, you should not delay taking it to an iPhone repair shop near me to fix it. But if the damage is irreparable, iPad screen replacement is the best alternative, especially when the device is new. 

Tip #2: Never try to fix a broken iPad screen yourself-

Unless you are well aware of the technical process, fixing the broken screen of an iPad is not easy, although it seems. The damage can get worse since you don’t know how deep the cracks are. 

Moreover, some DIY tricks actually cause more trouble. For instance, using toothpaste can be a terrible idea for a broken iPad screen fix. Or applying silver polish can also leave the screen more damaged. That’s why we don’t recommend DIY for broken screen repair. 

Tip #3: Take your device to an iPhone repair shop-

Instead of trying terrible DIY tricks, we recommend taking your iPad to a reputable and trusted iPhone repair shop. Even in this case, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • Check what kind of services the repair shop is providing
  • Ask how much fixing a broken iPad screen will cost you
  • Is there any warranty available?
  • Check the Apple coverage with your device.

Bottom Line

So, if your apple iPad screen has been broken somehow and you are looking to fix it quickly, come to us. At iTech Xpress, we ensure quality repair of broken screens of iPads and any Apple iPhone models. Also, all our parts and services are guaranteed. We will give you a time and cost estimate for the broken screen repair. For any service needs, Call us today!