Independent iPhone Repair Services Are Bargain: Let’s Take A Ground Check

In the US only, the cellphone repair industry reported $4 billion in revenue last year! 

That cellphone would act up or get damaged is natural. What might seem like biting to the cellphone users is the cost of their cellphone repair services, when insurance or warranty not covering their cellphone issues. The cost can bite even worse when it happens with an iPhone. 

Not only the iPhone repair cost is often high, but finding out a reliable iPhone repair service provider is also difficult. Even if you get to find out one near you, you cannot vouch that the provider can provide you the best repair service, no matter how long they have been providing the service or the authorized iPhone repair service provider will use all the right protocols and so on. 

What does it take to get one’s iPhone repaired at an Apple Store? 

To get an iPhone fixed at an authorized Apple Store, an appointment has to be booked online. You would require mail back to Apple for repair or send in through an Apple-authorized service provider. When taking this course, the turnaround time can be weeks. Apple says repairs at its store can take up to five business days.

What does it take to get your broken iPhone fixed at your local store? 

Getting your broken iPhone repaired at a local, independent iPhone repair store is usually faster. They offer same-day service for common repairs, such as replacing cracked screens, battery, charging port, camera, etc. All the more, their iPhone repair services cost less than Apple’s out-of-warranty costs. 

So, are you recommending going to a local iPhone repair shop?

Yes! But, the challenge is finding a reliable local iPhone shop, which offers high-quality repairs in addition to time and cost savings. To overcome this challenge, we recommend doing some research online before choosing an iPhone repair shop.

There are four factors you can consider.

  1. Reviews
  2. Costs
  3. Convenience
  4. Guarantee of Workmanship

Checking online reviews and asking repair technicians about the part quality are recommended.

Regarding the iPhone repair service costs, those who have already had this experience before must recommend steering clear of those shops which offer lower-than-average prices. At the same time, go to an independent shop that offers a better deal about price and service conditions. 

Independent iPhone repair shops most often take the shortest time to fix the phone, offer same-day services and ask for no prior appointment. The convenience of getting iPhone repair services from them is like getting iPhone fixed while shopping for groceries or going to the movie. It is so easy!

Inquiring about the guarantee of workmanship is also important. Most often, a warranty is given by the service provider for a certain period of time. Inquire about it while considering the iPhone repair service deal with them. 

Final Word:

Get your phone data saved before you hand over it to the service provider. Maybe, you are not able to do it yourself, in that case, you can get it done by a reliable iPhone repair service provider like iTech Xpress who can provide you the best and guaranteed cheap iPhone repair service.