Computer Parts and Repair

Many broken computers need only repair which includes computer parts replacement or upgrades.

How do you know if your computer should be repaired or if it should be replaced?

Los Angeles County iTech Xpress: Computer parts and repairOne of the big questions to ask yourself is what do you mainly use your computer for? If you surf the web, watch videos, do word processing and other fairly light chores then you probably do not need a new computer.

If you are a serious gamer, or app writer then you may need to either upgrade your system or get a new computer. A new computer may be a custom built machine that is designed to handle your activities or it may be a boxed unit. Custom computers are an economical way to have the best machine to fit your needs. These machines work well for home or business applications.

Computer Upgrades

iTech Xpress offers a complete line of computer parts that you can either install yourself or have us do for you. We make sure that our supply of computer parts is rich in selection and affordable in price. We also carry a full line of tools that will make upgrading your computer safer and easier.

Full Diagnostics

iTech Xpress begins each repair with a full diagnostic. We prefer you to know what is exactly wrong and what your options are for repair. Many times it is much more economical to upgrade your system. Whether you want us to add more RAM or you want a bigger hard drive, we have options available for you. All of our work is guaranteed as are the computer parts that we sell.

We make the process simple and affordable. We also have a fast turnaround time because we know that your system is important to you. If you are having computer problems just call us or bring your unit by and we can perform a free diagnostic service to see what the trouble might be.