MacBook Common Problems: Know-How To Fix Them

If you adore your MacBook, you’ll be devastated if you have trouble with it. Is there something wrong with your hardware, or is MacOS having trouble? Should you take your MacBook to a professional or consider replacing it altogether? You can check on the internet for MacBook repair near me in Covina to locate the best device repair service providers.

Before you hand over your device to any technicians, let’s look at the most prevalent issues with the MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro, as well as what you can do to fix them. 

The MacBook keeps shutting off unexpectedly

To begin, make sure the battery is charging properly. However, if your Mac shuts down at random, despite a high battery level, this suggests a distinct issue. If your Mac shuts down unexpectedly, press and hold the power button until it turns on and loads MacOS. Choose to restart your Mac once MacOS has loaded. If it doesn’t work and your Mac keeps shutting down, you should probably call a pro. 

Problems with RAM

If your MacBook Pro beeps three times, it means you have a RAM problem. In this instance, either you don’t have enough RAM to boot, or the RAM you do have is defective. This problem has an easy solution. To begin, check the RAM slots to see whether you have any installed. If you have two chips, try resetting them first. Whether that doesn’t work, try one chip at a time to determine if one of them is preventing the machine from starting. If none of these suggestions work, your logic board may be defective. The capacity of your RAM and the processor determine the speed of your computer. As a result, you should avoid damaging the RAM because it will slow down your Mac.

External Devices are not connecting properly

To narrow the problem down to your Mac, first test if the device works properly on other computers. Next, double-check that the device is correctly plugged into the appropriate Mac port, and that the port and cable are not damaged or blocked in any way. Finally, restart your MacBook and the device if necessary.

If these instructions don’t work, search up your device and make sure it’s compatible with your Mac and that it’s connected to the correct port version. If nothing works, you might need professional help.

Only a blank screen appears when the computer boots up

A failed MacBook startup might have several different colorful screens, each with its own meaning. If you encounter a black or blue screen that won’t go away, your Mac most likely froze while attempting to launch a troublesome software or login function. Press and hold the power button for around 6 seconds to restart your Mac (if that doesn’t work, try booting in Safe mode). Then, if there are any difficult programs or login things that aren’t compatible, consider uninstalling them.

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