Probable Prices for Apple MacBook Screen Repair: An Estimation

So, you have just bumped your MacBook on the wall. Although this Apple model is built of top-quality material, dropping it from a height or bumping it by any chance can cause a broken, cracked, or damaged screen. 

apple macbook pro screen repair prices

Yet, you need to know first if your MacBook screen has been really damaged or cracked. For this, you have to look for the following signs:

  • Backlighting problems
  • The screen is off
  • Showing no picture at all
  • Irregular resolution or pixelization 
  • Discoloring screen

Discovering any of these signs means your Apple MacBook screen has a problem. No wonder you will look for MacBook pro screen repair services. But the first question that will strike your mind here is, “Will It Be Worth It?” “If Yes, How Much Will Apple MacBook Pro Screen Repair Prices Be?”

Well, these are the common questions since you will decide whether to spend on repairs, replace the screen or buy a new MacBook depending on the answers. Let’s get started.

Is Spending on Apple MacBook Pro Repair Services Worth It?

To be honest, there’s no certain and fixed answer to this question. It depends on different factors and scenarios. In some cases, getting a MacBook Pro repaired is really worth it, while sometimes, replacements or purchasing a new one is a better alternative. For example, if you have to replace the hard drive, battery, and even other parts, alongside repairing the damaged screen, you better go for a new one. 

So, let’s see the scenarios when MacBook repair is worth your every penny:

Scenario #1: Age of your MacBook-

You can definitely spend dollars on your damaged, broken, or cracked MacBook screen if it’s new or doesn’t age much. In this case, it’s worth getting the screen fixed, as you can expect the device to run longer since its other parts are in good condition. Yet, you don’t need to spend on it more often. 

Scenario #2: Damage severity-

Simple equation: The less the screen has been damaged or cracked, the lower the repair charges are. Hence, the repair costs can vary depending on the severity of your damage. Also, screen replacement may be a better alternative here if there are other issues alongside cracked or broken screens. 

Now, let’s come to your second query, “How Much Will Apple MacBook Pro Screen Repair Cost?”

The charges can be different for every Apple repair service provider, and a lot of things influence the prices. Such as:

MacBook Pro features:

Apple MacBook Pro comes in different versions, and so does its screen. For example, MacBook Pro 14 has a Liquid Retina XDR display with native resolution (at 254 pixels every inch) with True Tone technology. The more advanced technology means more challenges for repairs, leading to more time and more dollars.


Depending on where you live, Apple MacBook Pro screen repair prices can vary because the charges for the MacBook screen and other parts affect the overall costs. 

The complexity of the work:

Screen repair can be complex based on the severity of the damage. When the repair process gets complicated, it requires more time, and so do charges. 

So, talk to the technicians first to ensure how long it will take to get your MacBook fixed and how much you have to pay. Thus, you can decide which option is best for you: Repair or replacement!

Bottom Line

So, whether you need a MacBook Pro screen repair or replacement, we at iTech Xpress charge affordably. Call us now for an estimate of Apple MacBook Pro screen repair prices. Stay connected!