The chronological Journey of iPad Mini

Apple is one of the premium brands that everyone wants to try at least once. The devices that come from the house of Apple Inc are known for their excellent packaging, state of the art technology, and most importantly for the neat service they provide; iPad Mini is not an exception too. This Miniseries which is launched by Apple is actually a line of small tablets that are more affordable. In 2012, the original iPad Mini was launched. These tablets are designed in such a way that they can be operated only with one hand. Isn’t it beautiful?

Well! You would be surprised to know that the iPad Mini offers some of the same features in both of their full-sized and pro-sized iPads. iPad Mini comes with a 7.9-inch display which is slightly bigger than the standard 7-inch display monitors of tablets. To date, a number of iPad Mini versions have occupied the digital market. In this article, we would talk about a few features of 4 iPad Mini series of tablets that have been launched in all these years. So, without further ado, let’s begin the journey.

iPad Mini 4

This is actually the current iPad Mini model that is in production. It is a surprising fact to know that the iPad Mini 4 is more expensive than the latest iPad which has a 9.7-inch display. The partial reason is that iPad Mini 4 has 128GB storage space than 32GB.

The original iPad Mini 4 was announced in 2015 along with the exotic iPhone 6S and the remarkable Apple TV. In other words, iPad Mini 4 can also be called a smaller version of iPad Air 2. And, of course! It is a brilliant job done by Apple Inc. Most of the iPad Air 2 have set a new benchmark or milestone for iPad and this is the probable reason that Apple took 2 years to produce an upgrade to it. Well! Interestingly, iPad Mini 4 is the only Mini that you can buy fresh. Though for extra deals, you can always check the open market to give a try to the refurbished iPad tablets in case you really want to try this beauty.

In spite of being a luxury gadget and equipped with a sturdy glass, the glass is susceptible to breakage or crack. Of course! Once the glass is broken, many people try for iPad Mini Glass repair on their own which is one of the most baseless decisions. It is not easy at all to repair the iPad Mini glass on your own. And thus, the next time you find a crack in your iPad Mini, make sure that you have chosen iTech Xpress. We are the best in Glendora to repair any kind of problems with the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini 3

This series of tablets were available in the market for the shortest time ever. It was released right after the year iPad Mini 2 was released. This tablet is not much different from its predecessor; this version of the tablet came with Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. But, from the sales perspective, in spite of adding this feature, the sales could not be improved. And eventually, the release of Mini 3 ceased by Apple Inc whereas Mini 2 was still on the line of manufacturing table.

iPad Mini 2

It was a major upgraded version of its predecessor. It was released in 2013; technically it is compatible with the latest version of iOS. Both iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air were the first ever iPad models where 64-bit architecture was used. This was a great step indeed by Apple Inc because eventually, the brand was cutting support to all the mobile devices where the 32-bit architecture was implemented.

Earliest iPad Mini

The first version of the iPad Mini was actually designed in order to compete with the 7-inch standard Android tablets. Although it was way more expensive than those tablets, yet it was an instant hit for Apple. This iPad Mini is actually the only iPad in the Miniseries that has lost its relevancy and officially has become obsolete.

iPad Mini is such a tool that is widely used by many people. They use it for general purposes like office work or just some casual work. When such an important device does not work well because of a crack on the iPad screen, it can create a severe problem. A cracked screen can give birth to a number of other problems and before it happens, it is important to go for iPad Mini glass repair.

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