The Up to Date News on Broken iPhone Repair: Here Is How?

Apple is looking at a higher iPhone demand that is bringing up two factors such as falling prices and the jumpstart of new models in the market. Studies have shown that the top-rated protection plans of Apple are trusted by many happy customers. But the one thing is still blowing the smoke to the users that the damaged iPhones have cost Americans $10.7 billion since their inauguration in the market in 2007. According to research, the total Americans have expensed on the repair and replacement of their iPhones in the last 7 years, is over $23.58. The survey says that above 2400 smartphone users, the paid amount covers the cost of the repairs, replacements, and insurance deductibles for cracked, dropped, submerged and water damaged devices. On account of the entire incidents of damage, the most common and lasting damage for users are cracked screens. A quarter of the iPhone owners have cracked screen at a point and 15% of the users are currently using the iPhones with a cracked screen. The broken iPhone screen repair has become a preponderance task for the users as the cracked screens can actually prevent the iPhone users to use some features such as-

  • 40% of iPhone owners unable to read or send emails
  • 27% face difficulties for the mission-critical apps 
  • 20% face problems with taking photos
  • 20% could not even unlock the screen and access their phone

 Dropping an iPhone and having a scratch on it is a very common phenomenon. iPhone users tend to have had a cracked screen at least once in their life. People perceive a cracked screen to be time for a new phone. Our repair services might save you money and help you avoid having to get a replacement. 

So instead of buying a new iPhone, the simplest solution is repairing the broken screen, which is less costly and time incurring. If you decide to manage with a partially cracked iPhone screen then you will gradually invite other issues as it allows the water to seep inside the phone which will cause further damage to it and could even cause shortening. Another important point is Apple’s regulation. The iPhone replacement depends on the warranty or support coverage. Apple offers AppleCare+ Protection in the US, which means it will replace an iPhone which has incurred accidental damages. But with the broken screen, if something else goes wrong, Apple would not bear it. For a broken iPhone repair, sometimes the DIY repair solution may seem to be easy but this certainly will cause a mess. Don’t worry and go for the top professionals to mend the breaks.

Myriads of professional service providers for repairing iPhones are present in the market. But after your reconnaissance, you will certainly stick to the top professionals to fix your iPhone. This will help you to make a strong acumen for your broken iPhone repair solutions. The technicians of iTech Xpress are highly professional and they cater to the users the most satisfying solution throughout the years.

Experience, avant-garde approach and remaining stalwart to the customers are the excellent features the experts of iTech Xpress thrive for. The veteran experts have the technical prowess to be the best and make the customers happy throughout the repair process. They are well adept to the repair services and offer the most sought-after solution. Check out for more information. Remember, it will take hours for you to repair the cracked screen of your iPhone while the professionals of iTech Xpress can do it in a jiffy. Contact them soon for a quick fix.


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