Tips On What You Need to Do When Your iPhone is Water Damaged

Are you ready to cry because you’ve water damaged your iPhone? No worries! There are still solutions to fix your water damaged iPhone.

First off, do not attempt to turn on a water damaged iPhone. Though you may say that it is hard to resist, yet your iPhone logic board will instantly short out. This will further conflate the cost of repairs or entirely destroy it once you try to turn on an iPhone while it’s wet inside. It’s no kidding. It’s a genuine warning – do not turn on a wet iPhone ever!

Secondly, you should not also use a hair dryer, microwave, or stove in order to dry the water out! Yes, there are many people who may even go to this extra! Drying a wet iPhone with a stove may not only damage but may further destroy your iPhone. There are hundreds of instances where users used a blow-dryer. As a result, the water will spread and evaporate, which will further cause the corrosion to grow faster. Use of blow-dryer is not a legitimate option to dry your iPhone.

Now that you know what you should not do. Here is what you need to do quickly so as to save your iPhone. First of all, pop out your SIM card and shake out any excess water inside your iPhone. Then, leave it to dry along with your SIM card. Next, take a paper towel and wipe your iPhone dry as good as you can. Remove the battery if possible. Electricity and water do not mix and this will short circuit your device.

The most important thing that you should know is that you can’t fix water damaged iPhone. You have to bring your device to a repair facility as soon as you can. The quicker, the better.

With professional service providers providing the service to fix water damaged iPhone among several others, there are several remedies available in the market at the moment. Most repair stores just place your device in a machine which is designed to dry the inside of the device rapidly. This method doesn’t address the residue that is left behind.

Now that you have to find out a repair shop as soon as possible to fix water damaged iPhone. For this, you may take references from your friend or acquaintances. You may also search online, if possible. Make sure to go to the one who has a long-standing reputation for providing the factory-grade repair services for Apple products.

The logic is if you hand out your iPhone to someone who has not up to the mark experience and expertise in this fixing water damaged iPhone, the result will be further worse. But, with the experienced and experts, this service to fix water damaged iPhone will be a mere job. The only advice which everybody gives to users with this common problem is they should bring water damaged iPhone immediately and let the experts dry it out, not the users themselves. If they take up this drying job on their own, it will further be worse, especially when if the fluid is soda or a non-water liquid.


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