Top 3 Mistakes While Replacing Your Expensive Cracked iPhone Screen

A sudden drop and you notice cracks on your latest iPhone screen. Isn’t it so distressing? Our phones are a mini world to us and even a small issue can give us serious panic attacks. The only savior at such times of distress is a repair store. Well, you cannot randomly choose a repairer rather some amount of research is required, otherwise, you may damage your iPhone. 

Before you approach a cracked iPhone repair technician, make it a point to inquire about their experience and don’t forget to pay close attention to their methods. See, while all other kinds of issues can be resolved well, however, when it comes to repairing broken screens, things are quite different. In case, you fail to choose a reputable repair store like iTech Xpress, then you may across some grim mistakes while replacing the iPhone screen. 

Here’s a list of mistakes that are commonly committed by a repair shop. 

Keeping the hardware parts out

In the process of repairing, the technician is required to scrutinize the issues and for this, the parts are to be taken out. However, its the duty of the mechanic to place the parts back in the place as it can eliminate any issues occurring in the cables or foam pads. When you settle with such careless repair stores, chances of your new iPhone model getting severely damaged increases.

Removing the front camera

In the quest of repairing the phone screen mostly repairers disconnect the cable that is attached to the front camera. The sudden removal of the camera cables while replacing the screen can inflict harm on the camera. So, before you take the phones for a replacement job, ask the repair shop regarding their techniques and if you found them resorting to the cable removal process, then it’s better not to deal with them. 

Mishandling of screws

Screws, when not arranged in a proper place, phones might become irreparable. This is a common mistake committed by some amateur technicians who mix up screws at the time of repair task that ultimately results in serious issues in your iPhone. To avoid such problems, it is always recommended to hire a licensed and renowned repair store like iTech Xpress as they work with expert technicians who can offer a permanent solution.

When replacing the screen, a lot of care is necessary because a small mistake can turn the device unresponsive and damage it for a lifetime. So, be diligent enough to rely on those cracked iPhone screen repair stores that have a good experience in this field.


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