Ways to Solve Broken iPhone Repair Issues

Imagine a case where you have suddenly smashed the screen of your iPhone or iPad or iPod. Well! It is not something discrete; many apple phone users face such issue. In fact, we all have been there where we have dropped our favorite phone or tablet suddenly. The moment we stoop to pick it up and find it was dropped the screen down, all our fears gather at one spot. The moment we discover that the screen has been damaged to a great extent, we feel shattered.

Just like any other problem, this thing can be solved too. You definitely have a number of options. There are several methods for broken iPhone repair that also include DIY options but we have excluded that from our list. A DIY method to repair Apple devices or any other electronic devices is something that we never recommend. Often, it has been found that the degree of damage was low before the user tried a DIY method. The moment the user try something found online with the faulty damaged system, it ruins everything. We actually cannot blame the user because there are a number of troubleshooting videos available online that anyone would like to use. But, those videos are never suggested to amateur users. If your system has been damaged, then it is always the best idea to avail repair services from an expert.

All the ways to solve the repair issue discussed here have their own pros and cons. Well! We have discussed all in brief. So, let’s roll the intro.

1. Repairing Done in Apple Stores

Of course! This is something that would come to your mind on the first hand. Apple would definitely repair your broken iPhone and they would do the job flawlessly for sure. But, all the services they provide you with never come for free. Every service is chargeable in Apple outlets. Surprisingly, even if your device is under the given warranty period, you won’t get free service from them because accidental damage is never covered within the ambit of their standard warranty. People might exclaim that what if the device is covered under AppleCare+. Well! Honestly, even if the device is covered within this policy, the charge would not be reduced to a significant level. There is a flat rate that every user must pay. But generally, users do not want their devices to get held in an outlet for long and also they rarely want to pay huge.

2. Online Repair

There are many sites that offer online repair. For those cases, you need to rely on the postal services to send the faulty and damaged device at their lab. It might sound catchy but the entire thing is dependent hugely upon the authenticity of the service, postal service, and also on trustworthiness. It is difficult to find a genuine company for broken iPhone repair. They might show you fake positive reviews online. Though many people want to rely on this method, we would never recommend those sites.

3. What about iTech Xpress?

Well! You might have this impression in your mind that we are trying to promote our services. In fact, we would not tell you to believe us blindly. Is your iPhone broken or damaged? We would like to invite you to our shop. Our clientele believes that we deliver the best services at the most reasonable price in the industry. Our team of experts at iTech Xpress not only would repair your iPhone but would also provide you tips to improve the longevity of your phone. Just bring your precious iPhone at our store, let us assess the degree of damage, let the phone stay with us for a few days, and get ready to go back with a happy face when the next time you visit our store.