What to Do with a Cracked iPhone Screen – A Guide for Apple Users

Have you just dropped your iPhone and broke its screen? It is hard to figure out what to do next after shattering the phone screen. This guide will explain what you have to do if your iPhone screen is cracked.

Stay Safe and Assess the Damage

A broken iPhone screen can cause sharp glass shards. The last thing that you might want is to cut your hands with it. So always stay careful if your iPhone has been broken. It will save you from accidental cuts.  The next thing that you have to do is to analyze the extent of the damage. There’s no need to visit the Apple store to fix the problem if the damage is minor. You will find several iPhone repair shops near your location that offer top-notch screen repairing services.  

You can perform a Google search if you are wondering where to get your iPhone screen fixed. The Google search result will give you access to all the service providers that offer iPhone screen repair services. You can also visit our store to fix the problem. 

Our experts are well trained to fix all types of iPhone problems. We can also resolve the major damages of your iPhone screen.

Know the Types of Displays

iPhone display can be categorized into several types, including the followings:

  • Inferior Quality: iPhone screens of inferior quality are available in most of the shops. It is the cheapest solution that you can choose for replacing your iPhone screen. Meanwhile, it is also essential to know that you have to compromise with the screen quality if you opt for this solution. It is a type of duplicate screen that has less vibrant colors and dull shine. We will only recommend you opt for this option if you don’t have enough budget to fix your cracked iPhone screen.
  • OEM Refurbished Part: Refurbished iPhone screen assures full functionality, utmost touch experience, and highly vibrant colors. They are not as costly as the original part. So you can save a lot of bucks by investing in a refurbished screen.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer Pulls: The quality of the original iPhone display is top-notch, but you also have to spend a lot of money to buy original equipment.

Find an iPhone Repair Shop

Finally, you have to find an expert iPhone repair shop to fix your iPhone’s broken screen. You can perform an online search if you wonder where to get iPhone screen fixed near me. iTech Xpress is an experienced repair shop in Covina offering comprehensive services to Apple users. We are also the local distributor of high-quality mobile parts.

Along with iPhone screen repairing services, we also offer other solutions like Windows PC repairing, Apple computer repairing, etc. Our experts can also fix the problems of Smart devices. During our several years of successful journey, we have repaired iPhones and Samsung phones of different models. We never leave our customers unsatisfied and always try our best to fix the issues of their phones.  We can also repair your computer accessories like monitors, scanners, and printers.


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