About Us

iTech Xpress is a full-service repair shop located in Covina, California that offers phone, computer, tablet and other electronic services. In addition we are a local distributor to other repair shops. We provide comprehensive parts and repair/diagnostic services to all of Los Angeles County and nearby cities. We are a scalable business that is capable of offering a wide range of comprehensive services to all levels of clients.

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Our Services

Expert repairs. done fast.

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How It Works

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Device Problem

Get Your Repair Started

Phone Repairing

Computer Diagnostics

It is frustrating to not know what is wrong with your computer. It makes it difficult to decide whether to get it fixed or if you should just shop for a new unit

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Tab Repairing

Computer Repairs

There are several reasons why a computer may need to be repaired. Those included failed parts, virus and corrupt software. Whatever the reason, if your

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iPhone Repair

Iphone Repair

iTech Xpress Inc is a full repair service for most Apple products including iPhone and iPad repairs. iTech Xpress Inc provides computer and smart device services

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Our Guarantee

Before we fix anything, as policy we inspect the item and give an estimate of how much the service will cost. If a part needs to be ordered, we will make sure to let you know. Our guarantee to you is the honest truth, if we are unable to fix a part we will let you know and not waste your time. Honesty, trust and quality work are three very important values to us, and therefore we work and live by our values. We value your time and understand that electronics are a major part of our lives and so our guarantee is to get the repair done in a timely manner. We guarantee top quality parts and service because we always have the customer in mind. Stop by and let us help you get your electronics back to new.

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