Common Causes that Lead to Cracks in iPad Screen

Nothing is worse than shelling out outrageous sums of money to get the newest gadgets, such as an iPad or iPhone, only to have a cracked screen not long after. Multiple reasons could be blamed for a cracked iPad screen, and that is why one should know how to fix a cracked iPad screen. Reasons for cracked iPad screens: Sudden drop- The most important factor on our list is also one of the simplest to […]

5 iPhone Glass Issues That Need Immediate Fix

iPhone by Apple is a device that is widely used all across the globe. However, despite how big the brand is, smartphones are never out of problems. iPhone is also no exception. The majority of iPhone users complain about different types of iPhone glass issues. Although there are nearby authorized repair stores where you can get a proper estimate of iPhone glass repair costs, you need to be aware of the most common iPhone screen […]

The chronological Journey of iPad Mini

Apple is one of the premium brands that everyone wants to try at least once. The devices that come from the house of Apple Inc are known for their excellent packaging, state of the art technology, and most importantly for the neat service they provide; iPad Mini is not an exception too. This Miniseries which is launched by Apple is actually a line of small tablets that are more affordable. In 2012, the original iPad […]