Computer virus and malware can strike at any time. Los Angeles County and the communities of Glendora and Azusa should make certain that their computers are protected with high caliber antiviral and antimalware software. Prevention is preferred to the best offense. iTech Xpress offers virus removal services and computer repair services.

Virus and Malware Protection

iTech Xpress offers comprehensive security services including virus removal. With all of the recent news about the moneypak virus and the extortion and the debacle over the risks that Windows XP opened up the need for computer security has never been more necessary. The last time they tested malware on the Internet it took only 20 minutes for malware to find an unprotected computer to infect.

Malware is designed to seek out holes in computer security. A virus is usually invited through a bad link, but Malware is crafty enough to evolve to overcome computer security. That is why internet security is so critical. Nobody wants to deal with an infected computer.

It is bad enough that malware can damage your computer, but it also steals all of your personal data including all of the data necessary for identity theft. This is why virus and malware protection is necessary. Periodic computer optimization can help too.

Virus and Malware Removal

Glendora businesses and home computer users have options available if your system is infected by a virus or malware. iTech Xpress offers complete virus removal.

How do you know for sure your computer is infected? It can be difficult to know for sure unless you have antiviral software installed. Even then it can be difficult. The following situations are indicative of viral or malware infection.

  • Is your computer suddenly running slower?
  • Are pages slow to load or does it take longer to move from one page to the next?
  • Have pop-up windows suddenly started appearing? Do you close one only to find another pops back up?
  • Are there new warning windows or error messages?
  • Is your screen locked with a warning that you have been fined and must pay the fine before you can access your computer?
  • Is your homepage different or pointing to another site?
  • Is your antivirus software not responding?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your computer is likely infected by a virus. You can bring your system in, and we can remove the virus and install or upgrade your virus protection software. Call us for a quote or just stop by.

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Danny sales
Danny sales
02:54 24 Dec 17
Great prices - prices are inconsistent, prices are good for sure!!! great workmanship, but parts don’t last - the parts used are cheap and need to be replaced within 2-6 months. I have noticed this after consistently bringing back the seven phones That myself and my kids own. Nice place, nice smiles tho
Nicole Easton
Nicole Easton
23:26 18 Dec 17
I had to bring my phone here twice in me week because I dropped it. Apple couldn’t help me, Best Buy couldn’t help me. But ITech did! And they did it quickly. The owner shift support staff and technicians( all of which I interacted with) are honest fair and professional. In addition they upgraded the memory on my iMac for less money then if I was to just buy the memory alone on amazon and then try to install it myself. Glad I didn’t do that! Would recommend to anyone needed technology help!
Dina De Fazio
Dina De Fazio
01:47 23 Sep 17
Love this place and people. They have come to my rescue on many of my devices. It's hard to check out of my business for an hour or two! So each and every time I drop off I hear "don't you worry we will take care of it, not a problem." I feel I am in the best hands literally. And prices are great too.Had to go back and was perfect and fast than ordering a pizza!!! And loved Max the comfort dog while you wait:)
Randolph Kenan
Randolph Kenan
20:31 08 Nov 17
iTech express did a very great job replacing the front glass on my wife’s iPhone and my iPhone battery. They have great prices and very friendly customer service. Definitely recommend them and will return for future tech repairs. Very Satisfied!!!
Brad Kyle
Brad Kyle
19:06 21 Oct 17
Excellent and quick service! They fixed my shattered iPhone 7 Plus screen back to new. Super competitive and affordable prices. Highly recommended.
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