It is frustrating to not know what is wrong with your computer. Makes you wonder if it’s fixable or if you should just shop for a new unit. The good news for those people in the Los Angeles County is that iTech Xpress provides computer diagnostic services for Glendora, Azusa and the surrounding communities.

Diagnostic Services

That is right; you don’t have to wonder what is wrong with your computer because we will tell you. Our complete computer diagnostic service allows you to understand what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

We will provide you a detailed estimate of the cost including parts and labor. We will also outline for you your options, such as upgrading system components or software. We believe that this is your decision to make. We offer a no pressure sales environment because we want you to be lifelong customers. Whether you are a business or a person, you matter to us.

Potential Problems

There are many things that go wrong with computers. Sometimes they can be physical problems, for example your hard drive runs its lifespan or you accidentally break a USB port, or disk drive. Sometimes it is a logical problem because your operating system becomes damaged or corrupt. Then there is the damage that is caused by virus and malware. All of these problems seem like major life events. We understand your frustration and we are here to help. If you are experiencing a computer melt down just bring your unit to us. We will hook it up and run a complete diagnostic for you.

  • We look for physical damage such as broken ports, drives, and connectors.
  • We evaluate your operating system to make sure it is correctly installed.
  • We test each system until we find the problem.

A common problem is not that the computer is broken it is just that it needs to be cleaned physically and logically. Computers are dust magnets. They suck in dust and pet dander and become clogged so that they overheat and shutdown. Sometimes all your system needs is a good cleaning. Sometimes the logical parts of your system are so full of data and bits of lost files that they can no longer function. Computer optimization is an easy fix. That is also a good time to upgrade RAM.


Our Guarantee

Before we fix anything, we will tell you how much it will cost and whether or not you should upgrade or buy a new system. All of our services are guaranteed as are the parts that we install on your machine. If you have a computer problem, we are here to help.