iTech Xpress offers computer and computer repair solutions to communities throughout the Los Angeles County area including Glendora, San Dimas, Covina, West Covina and more.
iTech Xpress believes in the saying reduce, reuse, recycle! A big question Los Angeles County and everyone in Glendora should ask themselves before buying a new computer is why am I shopping for a new computer?

Is It Cheaper to Upgrade?

The answer may be that you simply want something new and better, you can have that without spending all that dough. You work hard for your money, keep some of it for fun. Upgrade your old system with a new graphics card, hard drive or add some RAM.

Slower Computers and Upgrades

The longer we use computers, the slower they get. The problem is usually not the machine, but the ton of stuff that we have stored on it. Programs that are installed incorrectly cause your machine to slow down. There is always an accumulation of junk files that are left over from things we have uploaded and deleted.

All of that has an impact on how fast your computer runs. It is a simple and inexpensive repair to bring your system in for computer optimization. We can delete all of the junk files, make sure things are installed correctly, and even upgrade the RAM and SSD. Your computer will run like new, and you will likely save a bucket of money.


Service and Guaranteed Labor and Parts

If your computer does not turn on, it may only need to have a new power supply installed. iTech Xpress has a full parts department, so chances are we have your parts in stock. We keep our inventory fully stocked because we understand that time is valuable and having to order a part every time it is needed is not ideal.
We service all of Los Angeles County including Covina and Glendora. If you have a computer that is not working properly just bring it in to our shop. We will happily run a diagnostic to see what is wrong. All of our work is guaranteed, and we offer same day service on some repairs. Our services are perfect for home computers and business applications.
It is amazing what just a simple computer optimization will do to speed up the machine. Add in some RAM, and you are looking at outstanding performance.