A couple of easy ways to lose data is when your hard drive fails or when your computer becomes infected with a virus or malware. If your computer has saved the date then, there is a good chance that iTech Xpress can recover it for you. We provide IT services to people and businesses in Los Angeles County and the community of Glendora.

Password Recovery Services

Considering that we install passwords on all types of devices it is good to know that help is available when needed. We can recover passwords from

  • Windows PC’s, Laptops, Phones, and devices
  • Apple computers, Laptops, iPhones, iPads, and other smart devices by Apple.
  • Samsung Phones and other smart devices.
  • Chromebooks, netbooks, and personal computing machines.

The Danger about Password Recovery

Password recovery is not a walk in the park. There is a risk. It is important to backup data and make sure that you have a data backup plan that periodically backs up all of your data before you have a password issue. We want you to avoid some of the problems that could go wrong during password recovery. Prevention is easy and usually cheaper than the alternative.

The Risk of Password Recovery

Sometimes during password recover a computer or device will experience a loss of data. This can be due to other security systems such as antivirus software on a computer. It is important that people understand that even though password recovery is possible that there is still risk.

We have a comprehensive computer repair service, and even the best person will have to face the same odds. That is why we stress data backup services. It is much easier when we don’t have to worry about data loss issues. We offer data recovery services, but again there is no guarantee that all of your data will be recoverable.



Sometimes password issues are caused when a computer crashes. Periodically, you should bring your computer in for computer optimization. This is a service that we offer that helps to keep your computer running at peak efficiency. It is a process that cleans up your computer and removes all of the junk files, spyware, and other data that builds up and puts your computer at risk of crashing.

If you have a password issue, please free feel to call or stop by. Our services are fast and affordable for Glendora and the surrounding communities.