There are several reasons why a computer may need to be repaired. Those included failed parts, virus and corrupt software. Whatever the reason, if your computer is not working correctly then bring it into iTech Xpress where we can do a diagnostic and see what is causing the problem. iTech Xpress services computers from all over Los Angeles County including, San Dimas and Glendora.

Repair or Replace

Sometimes when your computer crashes and won’t restart the problem is not your computer, but a simple and inexpensive part known as a switch. This can be the power on switch or an internal switch, either way the repair is minimal and fast. Not every broken computer needs to be replaced

Computer parts fail all the time. Some big problems that might occur can be when a hard drive dies, and data is lost. The good news is, is that hard drives can be replaced, and data can sometimes be recovered. Other parts such as boards and drives can also be replaced and upgraded as needed.

Computer Repair and Virus

Computer virus are another reason your computer may not be working. A virus may destroy part of the operating system or it may corrupt the components of your system. iTech Xpress easily does virus removal and repair of damage caused by both virus and malware.

The process begins with a diagnostic. We focus on discovering what is wrong before we offer to fix your system. We will always provide you with an upfront estimate that is comprehensive. Your estimate will explain what is wrong and how to fix those problems. We will list the cost of the repairs, computer parts, and we will often give you optional services on your estimate too. Optional services such as the cost difference to upgrade RAM or add a new operating system. We go out of our way to make sure that each customer is happy with our computer repair services.


Full Service and Parts

iTech Xpress offers a fully stocked parts department too. We have tools and components in stock or we can special order you something special. All of our services are guaranteed as are the parts that we sell. If you have a computer that needs repair, just call us or bring the unit into our shop. We are happy to provide you with an estimate, diagnosis, and excellent customer service.