8 Simple Steps for Laptop Hinge Repair

A Laptop is the most important part of anyone’s life. Well! Life turns upside down when the hinge is broken. A broken hinge is enough to make your laptop useless. If the display stops working or is kind of loose, then you must know that the time has arrived to replace the hinges. If someone wants to repair the hinge, then the laptop needs to be disassembled and it might affect your warranty. Because once the framework is opened, it violates the warranty policy.

Laptop hinge repair is not something that anyone can do. It requires extensive knowledge about how the system works; in fact, one might need the help of a manual. Here, we have discussed the top 8 steps that usually the experts follow. Let’s talk about them in brief. To accomplish all the steps, you might need the help of a drill and drill index, coupling nuts, hacksaw, screwdrivers, and vice.

Step #1

The first thing for any laptop hinge repair is to contact the manufacturer so that the necessary parts can be ordered. While an email is initiated or a call is given to them, it is necessary to note down the model number and also the serial number. It might happen that the parts are not available at that instant; then it is best to contact the local retailer. In the worst case, if the part does not work properly, then you can always look for online sellers.

Step #2

In this stage, make sure that the power cables and batteries are removed from the system. In fact, for safety purpose, experts also remove the memory stack and the hard drive as well.

Step #3

Remove all the screws that are attached to the laptop base and keyboard section. But, this step cannot be generalized. In many systems, the keyboard is not screwed; so, the best idea is to examine the system very carefully. It is necessary to count all the screws and draw a free hand diagram so that the laptop can be reassembled anytime. This is a crucial stage and needs to be done carefully.

Step #4

In this stage, the experts make sure that the keyboard bezel is totally removed and disconnected from the motherboard. The bezel is usually placed on the top of the keyboard.

Step #5

The next step is entirely meant for the safety. It is important to remove the hinge cover and also to disconnect all the cables connecting the LCD to the motherboard.

Step #6

The next step is to remove the screws that are connected between the display and the basement of the laptop. The display is indeed the most important part of any system, so make sure to put the display away from the system.

Step #7

This is a very important step where you need to pull away all the screws that are connecting the two parts of the LCD display. One needs to make sure that the LCD is removed from the cover with utmost care. It might be possible that the LCD is connected to the cables of the video. You simply need to unplug the cable prior to removing the LCD screen.


Next step is the most desired stage where the old hinges are replaced with the new ones. And now, one just needs to reassemble all the parts of the laptop by following all the previous important steps. All these stages might sound very easy and cost-effective, but it needs intensive expertise to accomplish all the steps. But, we do not want to scare you away and that’s why we are here. Our expert team at iTech Xpress would make sure that your laptop looks just like a brand new and none of your info is lost or damaged while repairing the hinge. Leave your stress with us so that you can go back with a wide smile on your face.


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