Affordable Laptop Screen Repair: Truth or Myth?

Laptops are usually expensive compared to PCs. So, no wonder when something goes wrong with it, especially a broken screen can really leave a hole in your pocket! 

Laptop Screen

So, if your laptop screen has been cracked, you may wonder whether to throw it or get it repaired, right? After all, like anyone, you may think that affordable laptop screen repair sounds no less than a MYTH! 

But, it does not necessarily have to be TRUE! It’s possible to get your laptop screen fixed affordably if you can follow a few things. Let us tell you what they are.

Is Affordable Laptop Screen Repair a Truth or Myth?

It goes without saying that laptop screens are delicate, making them prone to damage. But when it comes to getting it fixed, we guess you usually assume it to be expensive or go for a new one or a screen replacement. 

But, before rushing at that, it’s better to try out the following tips. Have a look:

#1: Determine whether your laptop screen needs replacement-

A broken laptop screen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace it or get a new one. Minor issues can be fixed with a little repair if you take it to the local laptop screen repair shop nearby. For example:

  • Minor dents and scratches
  • Screen loosening around the edges
  • Minor black pixels on the screen

In these cases, laptop screen repair charges won’t be much. Still, if you are unsure, consider the following factors to determine whether to replace or repair your laptop screen:

  • The age of your laptop, for example, if it’s just a few years old, screen replacement will be affordable comparatively in the long run. 
  • Your laptop value i.e. if the laptop is highly expensive, it’s more cost-effective to get the screen repaired than replacing it.
  • While on a tight budget, repairing your laptop screen is a more affordable alternative than replacement or buying a new one. 

#2: Look for laptop warranty-

An affordable laptop screen repair is possible if it has a warranty supporting screen replacement or repair. Hence, you don’t have to pay a single penny for the repair, as the manufacturer will do that for you. 

But, when you don’t have a warranty on laptop screen repair or replacement, find out how much it will cost you. Usually, laptop screen repair costs depend on the repair difficulties, the severity of the damage, the laptop model, and the location.

Now, if you see the repair expenses are not more than the ⅓ cost of what you have paid for the laptop while buying, get it fixed from the professionals. Otherwise, it won’t be worth fixing!

#3: Plug in extra monitor- 

Is your laptop stationary, and you don’t have to move it around much? In this case, you can save on-screen repair if it’s possible to plug in an external monitor. Yes, you have heard the right! It’s easy to hook up a spare monitor connecting an HDMI or VGA cable to the VGA or HDMI socket of your laptop. However, for a new model, you may need an additional adapter to attach the monitor to your laptop, for instance, a mini HDMI or a USBC converter.

#4: Let a professional do it for you-

Although it sounds like repairing your laptop screen yourself can cost you less, that’s a myth in reality! Instead, taking it to a professional technician for laptop screen repair nearby will be much more affordable as they know the safer approach to fix your laptop screen reasonably. 

Also, laptop screens vary in price based on their model and features. And, choosing the best match within your budget requires experience and knowledge, and professionals can do that best for you. 

In Conclusion

We guess affordable laptop screen repair doesn’t sound to be a MYTH anymore! 

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