Is Repair or Repurchase an Option for a Broken Tablet Screen?

Breaking screen of your tablet doesn’t mean you have to repurchase a brand new tablet. You can get it repaired too! Repurchasing a brand new tablet means further investment and that will be an expensive option. Will you go for this option? Repurchasing a new tablet is an easy option, but this may not be a feasible one always for many of you. A tablet of a brand like Samsung is pretty expensive. Getting it […]

4 Points to Choose a Samsung Tablet Repair Shop

The warranty on your Samsung tablet is long gone and you have just cracked the screen or damaged it by spilling coffee on it. Where is the best place to get it repaired? Is it better to go to Samsung service center or will an independent Samsung tablet repair shop do the trick? The answer depends on factors like repair time, part quality and, of course, price. Just search online writing “Samsung tablet repair shop […]