MacBook Screen Repair Costs Estimated: How Much to Expect to Spend

What else can be more frustrating than dealing with a broken MacBook screen? After all, it leaves the device virtually useless! Yet, you have no option left except for MacBook screen repair or replacement. And, if the screen condition goes beyond fixing, you need to get a new MacBook, which can really hit your wallet heavily!

Yet, it’s always a good idea to look at the estimated expenses of screen repair or replacement for a MacBook before so you can save thousands of dollars. Today’s blog will definitely help you have an idea of it! Keep reading!

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for MacBook Screen Repair

MacBook screen damage is quite common, especially accidentally dropped and liquid-damaged ones. According to recent observations, the average cost for fixing it can be around from $400 to $700 without AppleCare coverage. 

However, it can vary depending on the severity of screen damage, screen size, specific model, and where you are getting it fixed. For example:

#1: Your MacBook model-

Apple has launched a variety of models for MacBooks over the years. Of all, the most popular ones are MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Now, since MacBook Pro comes with a liquid Retina XDR display, screen repair, and replacement are more costly than MacBook Air with Retina IPS Display. 

#2: Screen damage severity-

As mentioned earlier, MacBook screen damage happens for two reasons- Accidentally dropped and liquid damage. Now, when you drop your MacBook by chance from your hand or bump anywhere, the screen can get a slight or deep crack or shatter completely. In this case, fixing a cracked screen is less costly than the shattered one since the damage severity is more for the latter, making it complicated to repair, which means more time, and time means money!

#3: Screen Size-

Yes, that’s true! The longer your MacBook screen is, the more time the experts need to fix it. Yet, you should expect to pay more! For instance, the screen repair costs for a MacBook Pro with a 16-inch screen is more than a MacBook Air with a 13-inch screen. 

#4: Place where you are getting it fixed-

Well, there are three options you can go for to repair your MacBook screen-

  • Apple Store
  • Professional repair shops 
  • DIY

In the case of a MacBook screen, we don’t recommend DIY since you may make the screen damage worse, especially while trying to fix it with no experience and skill. And, if you visit an Apple Store or an authorized Apple service center, you should be ready to pay higher than usual, especially if you don’t have any AppleCare coverage. 

That’s why we suggest taking your MacBook to a professional repair shop nearby specializing in MacBook screen repairs and replacement. You can expect to pay even lower than average costs in some cases, depending on the screen condition!

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So, if you are getting your MacBook screen fixed, choose a reliable and professional repair shop with expertise in Apple products, such as iTech Xpress. Here, we will diagnose your screen first and suggest whether it can be fixed or needs replacement while offering the time and cost estimates. So, what keeps you waiting? Reach us today!