What Are the Most Common iPhone Screen Problems?

People across the globe use iPhone because of the exciting features it offers. But after all, it’s an electronic device that may encounter some issues afterward. iPhone screens are also prone to damage. Some of the most common iPhone screen problems are:

  1. Touch not working
  2. Cracked screen
  3. Poor OLED display etc.

Here we will discuss the common iPhone screen problems and their solutions. 

1. Touchscreen Is Not Working

The touchscreen of your iPhone may stop working or turn into a black screen for many reasons. You can try restarting your phone to check if it works. If it doesn’t work, try charging your iPhone for an hour when it is switched off. Most of the time, it will fix the issue. However, if you notice that the touchscreen is still not working, visit a full-service repair shop in your city that offers Apple iPhone screen repair services.  

Meanwhile, it is also essential to know that if your screen doesn’t work because of a crack, it could be a hardware problem. In that case, the DIY hacks mentioned above may not work. Consider visiting an Apple repair shop or Apple-authorized repair shop to fix this problem.

2. Cracked Screen

Nothing is more annoying than using a cracked screen device, especially when it is an iPhone. Right? You may manage to use your cracked phone for a while, but it will become unusable sooner or later. So, it is advisable to visit a full-service repair shop at your earliest convenience to fix the problem.  

3. Bad OLED Display

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode display. Materials used in this type of display are organic, and therefore they may degrade over time. It is a self-emissive technology that means OLED displays don’t require any backlight. Each of its pixels generates light that will eventually dim over time. The permanent display retention on OLED can occur due to the unequal degradation of the pixels of which the display is made. It happens when a certain set of pixels degrade faster than the other pixels around them. 

Static graphics on a screen mainly cause this problem. It includes the logo of a channel displaying continuously in the corner of the screen, the area where the scoreboard appears, rolling news banners, etc. Let us clarify that watching sports on a Sunday for a few hours will not give your OLED screen burn-in. But the accumulative effect of watching the channel repeatedly for an extended period may result in a poor OLED display. In that case, visit your nearest Apple iPhone screen repair shop to fix the problem of your poor display. 

These are the common iPhone screen problems. You can visit iTech Xpress to repair the screen problems mentioned here. As a full-service repair shop in Covina, we can also fix the other issues with your phone. Our technicians are highly trained and well experienced. They are equipped with all the resources and tools required for iPhone repairing. You can also visit our store to repair Android phones, tablets, and computers.