3 Symptoms to Determine whether your iPhone is Water Damaged or Not!

An iPhone is indeed one of the most sophisticated phones ever. Isn’t it painful to drop such a luxury gadget in a water body? Not only water, but any type of liquid can also damage the water-sensitive electronic circuitry of iPhones. Older models were more susceptible to water-damages whereas newer iPhones are much safer. Here is one glitch that every iPhone user needs to understand. Well! As we stated earlier that the new models are lesser susceptible to water damages, but there are various types of liquids like gels, lotions, shampoo, etc., that people use in daily life. So, making these sophisticated gadgets water-resistant and water-proof do not make these invincible.

For other handsets, it is easy to detect water damage as tiny bubbles can be seen under the screen or even one can find corrosion or discolorations inside the charging ports. But, for iPhones, such things generally do not occur. Naturally, the question arrives at how one can check whether their iPhone is water-damaged or not. Worry not! We have found some solutions. Here, we have shared a few issues that are triggered especially when your iPhone is damaged. So, let’s roll the intro!

1. The Trouble with Turn On

This is one such issue that usually occurs when an iPhone is water-damaged. Although the short circuit is considered another reason behind this issue, yet water damage is considered to be the prime reason. Water or other liquids are enough to damage the internal circuitry. Well! Things can become adverse if early intervention is not processed. We always suggest going to an authentic repair center as soon as possible to fix your water damaged iPhone; otherwise, it won’t take much longer for the thing to become irreversible.

2.  Issues with Charging

It is an undeniable fact that at the charging point, the electronic components are generally exposed. So, this part is prone to corrosion or damage. So, if you have dropped your iPhone in water, then it is highly possible that your charging point has been damaged. We always suggest that if such is the case; then always rush at a trustworthy reputed repairing center. Instead of surfing through video tutorials to check how to dry an iPhone, it is better to rush to the repairing point.

3. Speaker is Not Working

The speaker is another vulnerable point and is prone to corrosion. If water enters your system, then it is highly possible that your iPhone’s speaker would stop working at one.

Well! All these issues can be triggered by other problems as well and we simply cannot deny the fact. But, you can surely take these as the prime symptoms to determine the damage. No matter, what is the level of the damage; we always suggest taking the phone to the best repairing center. iTech Xpress is one of the most popular repairing centers in Covina. Our clientele says that we are the leading repairing service providers for iPhones. We invite you to visit our store to experience excellence. Let us repair your iPhone and turn that into just like a brand new one.


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