Breaking These Top 3 Myths Surrounding iPhone Repair in Covina. Learn The Facts

How much time do you spend on your phones? Oh, that’s quite a difficult question to answer because when we are with our phones we hardly count the hours we are engrossed in it. Smartphones, tablets, or iPhones with an internet connection are no more a luxury rather it turns out to be a necessity. With the rampant use of devices, possibilities of its damage become commonplace. Once you being stuck with a broken iPhone screen in Covina or any other issues, clouds of confusion, disgust, and despair make us believe some misconceptions surrounding repairs. 

Rumors concerning repair services cause distress among phone users and, at times, people take word decisions even. Here all your confusion will be cleared as an attempt is made to present before you facts. For example, iTech Xpress has been efficient in dealing with all sorts of issues right from a cracked screen to damaged software so, with their assistance, you will surely be going to get relief from any mythical concepts. 

Let’s have a close look at those misconceptions.

First Myth: Repair works reduces the resale value of phones

Now, that’s what stops most of you from taking your phones to a repair store. It’s a baseless  concept because repair stores like iTech Xpress make it a point to use the original hardware parts in the devices that keep it intact for longer. In case, you have chosen this repairer, you can be assured of increasing the resale value as the buyer would get a guarantee of its quality. 

Second Myth:  A broken screen can never be repaired

Mostly, a broken screen brings huge stress to the users as they find a replacement as the only option. There’s no such hard and fast rule that once you damage the screen, you cannot fix it and intact its former glory.  The condition of your iPhones after a repair job is solely dependent on how reputable repair stores you have chosen. 

Third Myth: Repairing a iPhones cuts a big hole in your pocket

That’s another in the long list of misconceptions that most of you have already believed. Disparities in price depending on the intensity of damages, still, common issues can be repaired at $40. Well, this again too lies on the repair stores you choose, Reputable repair like iTech Xpress won’t charge hefty fees as their objective is offering their customers quick repair without cutting a big hole in their pockets. 

Choose a reliable and experienced broken iPhone screen repairs in Covina to ensure none of the above myths strikes you. Be diligent enough to give your expensive handsets to iTech Xpress as they have the original part of phones that helps you collect your repaired phone on the same day. 


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  1. Ronald Bangs - July 2, 2020 Reply

    Great customer service always there when I need my apple iPad mini screen fixed. They do great work. I would recommend this place to my friends and family anytime.

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